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We are a young new start up promoted by a very old and reputed industrial group of companies. These companies are market leaders in their own field and have a loyal customer base in India and over 10 countries worldwide.

MechanicaKaksh aims to assist MSME companies across India in their continuously ongoing quest to source high quality products at competitive prices and in a fair and transparent manner. With a support to the “Make In India” campaign, we promote sellers of Industrial & Commercial Equipment goods of all types such as Electrical Vehicles, Pneumatic Machinery, Food Processing, Light Machinery etc which are pre-dominantly produced in Indian factories.

We realized that even today the industrial products supply market in India is mostly unorganized and scattered across cities and towns without any structured marketing or delivery solutions.

At the same time in the past few years the e-commerce consumer boom has moved India forward in E-payments and organized deliveries and retailing. All these changes made the environment to offer a very high potential for re-organization of the Industrial supplies and thereby growth if sourcing, marketing & delivery along with logistics could be made more transparent besides making the entire purchase process trouble-free. Hence Mechanicakaksh was born.

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